General Massage Table FAQs

This article provides resources and answers about choosing and buying the right massage table. For our own FAQs about our Therapy World Direct, visit our  Therapy World Direct FAQs. More information on choosing the right massage table is also available at our Buyer’s Guide video series.

Q: What is the difference between Massage Tables, Massage Couches, Treatment Couches, Therapy Tables, Medical Plinths etc. ?

Nothing! In a nutshell, they are all generally the same thing. Some industries just tend to refer to them differently:

  • ‘Tables’ – this is the terminology from the holistic industry primarily. (Massage tables, therapy tables etc.)
  • ‘Couches’ – this is the terminology from the beauty/spa industry primarily. (Massage couches, treatment couches etc.)
  • ‘Plints’ – this is the terminology from the medical industry primarily. (Medical plinths, etc.)

Q: I heard Aluminium Massage Tables can creak and make noises?

This is true of cheaper models. Our Affinity Massage Tables are top of the range and do not creak. For more information, read our blog Do Aluminium Massage Tables Squeak?

Q: How do I lock the face cradle into place?

You can click here to download a PDF that explains how to tighten the face cradle.

Q. What colour massage table should I choose?

What colour table/couch you choose depends on a variety of factors. For example, it depends whether you’re using the table for sports massage, remedial massage, reiki, beauty etc. For more information about what colour massage table or massage couch to choose click here.

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