How to Collect Killer Client Testimonials That Attract New Clients

Today’s customers are far more demanding than what they used to be a few years ago. They need the best services or products that fulfill their need and solve their problem and optimal experience along the way. Only if you tick these boxes, will they be satisfied enough to provide a killer testimonial for you that will allow you to get more referrals and attract new prospects. Now, if you can give them a wowing customer experience, something that goes beyond and above their expectations, they will definitely become your most loyal followers, with everything that comes along with that. Of the more than 1,000 massage therapists surveyed, the overwhelming majority agreed that customer satisfaction is key to improve a massage therapy practice, collect striking client testimonials and attract new clients. The best way to do that is to run the extra mile, but to do that, here are some useful tips to get you there.

Step #1. Monitor your Social Media & Respond Immediately

Being available 24/7 is critical. If you are not there to answer their query, someone else will. It is paramount to be fast and easy to do business with. To accomplish that, keep an eye on your Twitter account, Facebook page, Yelp listing or any other social media accounts you have to be able to respond to comments as quickly as possible. Always reply to a negative feedback and offer a solution (i.e. follow up privately to discuss the nature of the complaint).

Step #2. Analyse your Data

It is a good idea is to file messages and comments in your feedback log to avoid missing out on valuable information or an important conversation that has been overlooked. Go over what you have collected and review every month or quarter to analyze your feedback. You may also use social media to get feedback from your acquaintances and customers online, from polls and surveys you may be conducting.

Step #3. Group your Customers

Having a systematic approach to gathering information and feedback from your customers will help you organise your customers and prospects better into groups and categories (i.e. Fans, Needs Reminding, etc.). Who is 100% satisfied with the services you provided them with? Who loves what you do and would want to spread the word out? Who needs a little more convincing? Once you have identified them, give them an incentive to tell the world about their wow experience with you. Give them business cards to share, ask them to share your massage promotion or next event (don’t forget to include links for sharing), and reward them with a generous discount (could be on their next massage or any other) per each referral you get from them. Now, it’s time to follow up…

Why Follow up?

By following up, you show your customers you care, they feel respected and valued, and you are established as an expert in your field. You have the chance to educate them with a series of informative emails while marketing them at the same time. It has been evidenced that 9 in 10 businesses fail within their first 5 years because they don’t follow up. Interestingly, more than 80% of sales leads will require at LEAST 5 follow ups before finalising a purchase, and only 25% of salespeople follow up more than 3 times! This means you have a huge opportunity to gather all eyes on your massage therapy practice and yourself and promote your services. The rest is up to you. Do your best to deliver excellence and dithyrambic reviews will swarm the internet!

Good Luck!

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