[SERIES]: Massage for the mind – The Shirodhara Massage

The Shirodara massage is one of the ancient therapies of Ayurveda. It is a part of Panchakarma treatment, which is an ayurvedic cleansing treatment that includes several different applications, but it can also be used as a single treatment. The massage involves the pouring of warm sesame-oil mixed with herbs in a continuous flow over the forehead. The Shirodara is a very relaxing massage that has harmonizing effects on the central nervous system. It can be used to treat a wide variety of conditions like insomnia, memory loss, neurological disorders and certain types of skin diseases. It also works well on chronic headaches and stress. Shiroda massage has a long history and has proven to be very effective in treating the above mentioned conditions. Shirodara massage originated in India but is used in wellness centers everywhere in the world.

The massage therapist doesn’t have much to do in this type of massage. All he has do to is to prepare the massage-oil and to place it in the predisposed position on the massage table. Most of the times this is a wooden stand equipped with a copper-pot. A good massage table is very important with shirodhara massage. With a good massage-table a shirodhara massage is very easy to perform. All one has to do is to prepare the massage-oil and the massage table. The massage then runs for itself for about 30 Minutes, as the massage-oil pours on the forehead of the massage-receiving person. Afterwards some cleaning of the massage table and the copper pot has to be done. The oil has to be cleaned of the table. Most shirodhara massage-tables have a slant towards head-end and foot-end for collection of oil. This makes cleaning much easier, so if you are looking for a high-quality shirodhara massage-table make sure it has a slant towards head-end and foot-end, it saves a lot of cleaning time. The massage receiving person also has to be cleaned around the head. Ideally this happens with special prepared hair-wash that makes use of Ayurveda herbs.

The shirodhara massage has a very long history and has been used in ancient India for centuries. Until today not much has changed in the way the massage is performed. Even the massage-tables are the as they were thousand years ago. If you want to enjoy a regular shirodhara massage or offer shirodhara massage for your clients. All you need is a high-quality massage table.

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